Monday, March 08, 2004
Ben is a Fraud!

Yeah, we said we'd quit if Scott "Beefcake" Brown won.

But if the Fraud Governor can get away with saying one thing and doing something else, then so can we.

Besides, we also said we'd honor the wishes of our readers. And here's what some of them said:

Let 'em Live:

"We need Ben & RiaF! The voice of reason!"

"What would I do without my daily dose of RIAF?"

"Such fun! Such worthy prose!"

"The truth is, the (fraud) Governor, and his loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman need to have the truth thrown back at them again and again and again. And that's no joke. But it is funny."

"You are providing an invaluable service for all the citizens of Massachusetts. Romney is a fraud and we need people like you to keep him honest. Eventually, more and more people will come to realize what
a complete phony this governor is. Please don't stop."

"The right side of my brain says that Ben should sign off and honor the pledge made on Tuesday. However, the left side of my brain says he should keep on writing to provide me with the daily dose of humor I get from listening to (Democrats) wallow in their self-pity!!"

"Please do not pull the plug on yourself. RIAF is a valuable public service and a riot, to boot."

"RiaF and Ben should run for Congress in the 5th District, where they know something about people who do what they say, or don't. But seriously folks, you would do the Commonwealth a great disservice if you turn the Frog Pond into a 21E site. How will Tommy explain it to the conventioneers? Think of the kids who won't be able to wade there on those sticky, sticky summer days? And it is, after all is said and done, all about the kids, n'est pas? On the other hand, if you make it bloody enough, you may get to meet Mel Gibson..."

"Don't stop writing! The dirt on Scott Brown alone made my week last week. I used to think that maybe I and all my lefty friends were being too hard on Romney, that maybe some of what he said and stood for was worth listening to. Now this whole gay marriage thing has come along and shown me that the man is both ridiculous and dangerous. You were right all along: he's a big fat fraud." (Note: RiaF never called Willard Mitt "fat.")

"Let 'em live, ..after all it IS a democracy, isn’t it???"

Rot in H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks:

"Your (sic) an idiot."


We'll call it a landslide and move on.

RiaF Lives!

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